We’re different from other Charlotte financial advisors

At Abiding Wealth Advisors, we’re about more than helping you save, invest and manage your money.

That’s a big part of what we do, but we serve a higher purpose because we define wealth differently than other Charlotte financial advisors.

What Is Wealth?

For us, wealth is much more than money. It is an abundance of all of the resources—material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual– that enable us to positively impact the lives of others.

Net worth is one component of wealth, but not the ultimate gauge of success; the true measure of wealth is our ability to make a positive difference for others, so they in turn can pay it forward for future generations.

What Is Abiding Wealth?

Abiding wealth is abundance multiplied over generations. It enriches others beyond our lifetime because it lives on after us in the lives and actions of those we influenced and the lives they, in turn, affect.

Time changes all things; nothing physical lasts forever. Our impact on others is the only true legacy any of us has.

That is the source of abiding  wealth, and that is what we as Charlotte financial advisors ultimately seek to help you achieve.


  • Our Mission

    To become one of the most significant advisors in our clients’ lives while living out our Faith in the communities we serve.

  • Our Vision

    That our clients will know that with our help, they were good and faithful stewards of their time, talents and financial wealth.


  • Stewardship

    We seek to be good stewards of the gifts we have been privileged to receive during our time here on earth, and to foster the same spirit in others. It is incumbent on all of us to use our gifts wisely and preserve them for future generations.

  • Integrity

    We seek to have our words and our deeds aligned at all times with our highest and best selves. We understand our actions are conscious decisions that both reflect and affect our inner nature, and we choose the high road.

  • Empowerment

    We seek to empower others with the tools and information they need to make choices and take action independent of us, because empowerment is the only way to help others help themselves to achieve their own life purpose.

  • Excellence

    We seek to achieve excellence in everything we do, because it is better to aim high and miss the mark, than aim low and make it.

  • Education

    We seek to teach others just as others taught us, because knowledge is the foundation of wisdom, and wisdom benefits all humanity.

  • Service

    We seek to serve others before our own self-interest, because it is through serving others that we fulfill our own life purpose.

More About Us

Abiding Wealth Advisors is a privately held, full service wealth management firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are more than just Charlotte financial advisors– from our four offices in North and South Carolina, we serve hundreds of individuals, businesses and charities in 19 states across the country, including Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

We look forward to eventually serving clients in every state in the U.S.   >> View Our Locations

Many of our team members hold advanced academic degrees in their areas of specialization (MBA or CPA), and are also licensed insurance and securities representatives. We have over 100 years of collective experience and some of the most desirable professional designations in the financial industry, including CFP® and RFC®.   >> Meet Our Team

Abiding Wealth Advisors is affiliated with Crown Capital Securities, LP, an Independent Registered Investment Advisor and Broker Dealer. We made a conscious decision to affiliate with Crown Capital because it is independent, which gives us access to a much wider selection of financial products and services for our clients.

Our Strategic Partners

To deliver the range of services our clients need, we work with a number of allied professionals who share our commitment to quality and integrity.

Our core strategic partners are shown below. Click their logos to learn more about them.

Crown Capital logo
KazSource logo
Jared Nichols Group logo

Giving Back

Charitable giving— giving back to the community and making the world a better place– is an integral part of our mission at Abiding Wealth Advisors.

Each of our advisors contributes their time and talent to causes that are personal to them, and we also contribute as a firm by tithing financial support, volunteer time and other resources to worthwhile causes.

A few of the organizations we support are below. Click their logos to learn more about their work.

Habitat for Humanity logo
The Message for Mayans logo

In the Community

It’s rare for us to remember to pause and take a picture or video in the moment while we’re volunteering because we’re focused on others and the task at hand, but every once in a while, someone else helps us out…

Randy Newton and NCACPA volunteering for Habitat for Humanity (Randy is at 2:19 in the video)

Coach Shane Snively with his soccer team, the Dynamos

Coach Shane Snively, a Charlotte Financial Advisor, and CEO working with Charlotte Soccer Academy, and his soccer team, the Dynamos

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