Trust Solutions: Are You Overpaying for Trust Services?

At Abiding Wealth Advisors, we provide the same level of trust administration and management services as big bank trustees with one key advantage: more choices.

How can we offer more options than larger trustees? Our independence is the key.

We Offer the Power of Choice Others Can’t

Because we are independent, we are not beholden to proprietary products and services like many larger institutions, so we offer a much broader range of options.

We have developed strategic alliances with large independent banks that offer a wide variety of trust administration and management service arrangements, including:

  • Schwab

  • Pershing/Credit Suisse

  • Comerica

  • Bok Financial Advisor Trust Services

  • ITC (Independent Trust Company of America)

  • New York Private Trust Company

  • Reliance Trust Company of Delaware

  • Santa Fe Trust

  • Wilmington Trust

We Have the Flexibility to Reduce Costs Others Don’t

Our independence and flexibility make our North Carolina trust services more cost-effective because we can shop the market to find the best value based on what you need.

We have the flexibility to match you with the right bank, service arrangement and fee schedule, rather than having just one or two options to consider, and we can treat administration and management separately rather than automatically bundling them, which enables us to create the best overall value for you.

For some clients, we are able to offer flat-rate administrative fee arrangements based on transactions, not on management fees, avoiding the conflict of interest that can arise when a firm hires itself to manage your funds.

We may also be able to offer a flat fee for administrative services with no management fees at all, depending on the setup of your particular trust.

Choice + Flexibility = Freedom  to Find the Best Solution for You

The most important advantage to working with us is that because of our independence, our focus and priority is always exactly what it should be: finding the options from a broad range of possibilities that will provide the best outcome for you.

That’s why we choose to be independent, and why we wouldn’t have it any other way– we are free from the conflicts of interest that trust administrators and managers with proprietary products to sell and corporate stockholders to please have to contend with, so we can offer truly independent advice.

We will work with you directly, or we will work with and support the efforts of your existing trustee (CPA, attorney or others) to find the best solution for you– we frequently team up with other professionals to enhance the results they achieve.

To learn more about our North Carolina trust services and trust administration and management solutions, please contact us today. We will be happy to learn more about your needs and offer you expert, cost-effective options for administering and managing your trust.

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