Investment Management: Making Your Money Work Harder for You

Investment Management is optimizing the results you get from your investments– choosing the right investments to achieve your financial goals, and managing them wisely over time (buying, selling and re-allocating).

It sounds simple, but getting the most from your investments in an ever-changing global marketplace isn’t easy. The right approach and analysis can be the difference between success and failure.

We take the time to understand not just your goals, but also the reasons behind them.

Then we do the research and apply our extensive knowledge of all of the available investment options– risks, returns and potential outcomes under a variety of future market scenarios.

To help us figure out what choices are most likely to get the best results for you we need to know your Risk Number .  What is a Risk Number?

A risk number is an objective, quantitative measurement of an investors tolerance for risk in comparison to the returns they want to achieve.

Do you know your risk number? Click the link below to find out.

What Things Do You Need to Consider When Managing Your Investments?

Here are just some of the questions that may factor into your investment decisions (the order of importance will vary depending on your particular circumstances):

  • How at-risk is your income and principal?

    Could you lose not only your planned gains but also your initial investment?

  • How easily and quickly can you sell?

    Do your investments allow you the flexibility and liquidity you need?

  • What happens if (when) interest rates change?

    What impact will marketplace interest rate fluctuations have on the value of your investments?

  • Are your securities (bonds) issuers financially strong?

    Is there doubt about whether they will pay as-promised and on-time when you cash out your holdings?

  • What impact will inflation have on your returns?

    Is your purchasing power protected against erosion from inflation?

  • What impact will taxes have on your returns?

    Does your portfolio and strategy consider taxes and use them to reduce volatility and balance out losses?

Which investments to choose is a complex decision with many moving parts to consider. That’s why you need a Charlotte investment advisor that truly understands you and  the markets.

Working With Us: What to Expect

Working with us is a collaborative process, with us as your investment advisors and you as final decision-maker. Here’s how the process generally works:

  • Step 1: Discuss & Define

    At Abiding Wealth Advisors, investment management starts with a holistic, detailed review of everything about your current circumstances. We want to get to know you, what abiding wealth means to you, where you are on your journey, and where you want to go, including your:

    • Needs
    • Objectives
    • Priorities
    • Preferences
    • Risk Tolerance
    • Income
    • Assets

    We will need to know the details of all of your assets, including cash, retirement accounts, investments and real estate, as well as your income and liabilities.

    It’s best if you bring copies of all current account statements and breakdowns of investment allocations when we meet.

  • Step 2: Research & Analyze

    We then take all of the information we’ve learned about you and your current situation, and conduct our own in-depth research and analysis of all of your available options.


    • look at how your existing investments are performing
    • consider additional choices that would be suitable for you, and
    • compare them, including the associated costs, risks and potential returns

    Then we create an individual Investment Policy Statement for you that summarizes our findings from our meeting with you and our research and analysis.

    Your Investment Policy Statement projects your returns under multiple scenarios, and lists in detail our recommendations on what we think will best help you achieve your objectives.

  • Step 3: Decide & Execute

    After we have developed your Investment Policy Statement, we’ll meet with you again to go over our findings, explain our analysis and answer all of your questions.

    The choice of how to proceed is always yours– our role is to give you the best available information so you can make fully-informed decisions.

    After you’ve decided what you want to do, we’ll execute your wishes, monitor your progress, keep you informed and make adjustments along the way to keep you on track to meet your objectives.

  • Step 4: Review & Adjust

    The markets are always changing, and so should your portfolio as the markets and your personal situation evolve.

    We’ll periodically review your investments on request or as your circumstances change, to make sure they’re still the best choices for you. (For larger clients with managed portfolios, the review occurs at regularly-scheduled intervals.)

    If adjustments are needed, we’ll meet with you to discuss them and will take care of them for you.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your investment goals, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

We will be glad to meet with you to learn more about your objectives, and help you choose and manage your investments wisely.

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