What to Do When a Loved One Dies: Handling Final Affairs & Arrangements

The passing of a loved one is always difficult, regardless of the circumstances. Your greatest strength at this time is the love and support of others– God, family, friends and your local and religious communities. Lean on them for guidance and comfort during your time of sorrow; let them lift you up when you feel low and carry you when the burden feels heavier than you can bear alone.

In North Carolina, when a loved one dies there are some things that must be done right away, and others that are best handled later, after you have had time to grieve. The sadness and profound sense of loss you feel are normal and expected, but they still can feel all-consuming at times and make it hard to think clearly.

What Kinds of Things Do You Need to Take Care of After a Loved One’s Passing?

  • Notifications

    There are many people to notify of your loved one’s passing. Start with immediate family and anyone else who needs to know right away, like their employer or others who were counting on your loved one to be there.

  • Funeral/Burial Arrangements

    You will need to contact your church, synagogue or place of worship to make plans for your loved one’s remembrance, and choose a funeral home to carry out their final wishes if they didn’t already make this choice before their passing.

  • Submitting an Obituary

    Publishing an obituary is the easiest way to notify friends, colleagues, acquaintances and others about your loved one’s passing and the location, date and time of religious services and the funeral, so they can attend if they wish.

  • Disposition of Their Estate

    You will need to handle the disposition of their estate and personal property if you’re the executor (or work with their executor if you’re not), to ensure your loved one’s affairs are handled according to their wishes and as required by law.

  • Legal/Business Notifications

    You will need to notify the appropriate government and business entities of your loved one’s passing (including banks and other firms your loved one had accounts with) so their accounts can be closed and benefits distributed.

After a loved one’s passing, with so many things to do during such a difficult time, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. Just breathe and take things one step at a time; with the support and guidance of your family, friends and the professionals you choose to handle things for you, everything will be taken care of in due time.

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We will be there to support and assist you with anything you need during this difficult time.

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